PIVlab direct download

Hi everybody! For those who do not want to register on the Matlab website in order to download PIVlab, I added a direct link to the zip archive (see the column on the right side). You can also click here to get the zipped PIVlab toolbox:


There were no updates of PIVlab since quite a while. The reason is that I am currently not working with particle image velocimetry after I finished my PhD. That is a pity. But the good thing is that I converted one of my other hobbies into a profession: Since 2014, I am working as a mechanical design engineer at TobyRich GmbH. Over there, I am responsible for the design of fixed-wing drones, which is - similar to doing PIV - a lot of fun.
I am sorry that (in most cases) I can not react to your emails or forum entries. My life is currently filled up with too many other things that require my attention.
Success with your analyses!!


  1. Thanks a lot. the pivlab has successfully help me accomplish my theses. is there any possibility that pivlab are expanded to 3d piv?

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